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Token Release Strategy (TRS)

One of the more central strategies in the Kelp ecosystem, the Token Release Strategy (TRS) manages the emission of new Kelp tokens into the circulation from 3 sources: Kelp Saving Accounts, Liquidity Guard, and the Reservation Program. Using varying intervals of predictions from the Kelp Protocol, the TRS, upon affirmation of a positive upward price momentum, or Positive Price Drift (PPD), will calculate a daily amount of Kelp tokens that would be acceptable to release into the circulating supply while still achieving daily price targets set out by the Seed Phase objectives. During the next 24 hours, the Liquidity Guard (LG) and Reservation Program (RP) will sell and release, respectively, to users.

During negative downard price momentum, the Token Release Strategy (TRS) will standby and will continuously monitor activity in the Kelp ecosystem until the market returns to Positive Price Drift (PPD) territory.