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Kelp Reservation Program (KRP)

The Reservation Program is designed for two objectives: grow the Kelp community and allow the general public distribution without a fiat cost. 25B Kelp tokens have been allocated for this initiative and for users to reserve Kelp, they must refer others to Kelp or perform Action Tasks to grow Kelp.

Practically speaking, a unique Referral Link is provided to each user through the Kelp app and by sharing the link to others, the referee can click on the link, which will take the user to their respective mobile app store, and upon a successful install, both the referrer and referee will be provide an amount of reserved Kelp.

The Reservation Program is a sophisticated system designed to manage the distribution of 25 billion tokens. When the program launches, all 25 billion tokens will be put into the Variable Vesting Contract (VVC). The Token Release Strategy (TRS) will then decide, daily, how many tokens can be released into the market, taking into account market conditions. Upon affirmation of a positive upward price momentum, the TRS will trigger a release tokens to each Beneficiary who can then claim their tokens through the app.